All participants are required to fill out an enrolment form, email to bettertennis@bigpond.com or return to the office so that we can accurately place the student in the correct group and for safety and insurance purposes.

Trial Lessons

We do offer free trial lessons for our coaching program. You will be charged our casual lesson rate for this lesson and we still require an enrolment form to be filled in before taking part in the lessons. If you do not wish to continue tennis coaching then this form will be destroyed or handed back.


Better Tennis endeavours to cater for everyone and their needs. Including Hot Shots, Private coaching, Group & Squad training and are very own version of Cardio Tennis, “FITennis”.

What should I bring along?

Comfortable enclosed sports shoes, a hat, water bottle and racquet. We have also have a fully stocked Pro Shop if you would like to buy or trial a demo racquet.

How are groups determined?

After initially being enrolled in a class suitable for their age and skill level, students will be assessed by their coach and may be moved to a group that is more appropriate to their standard.

What is the class size ratio?

Class sizes vary depending on the program. We believe it is important to have similar skill level across players within a group.  Class size ratios are listed below:

ProgramAverage Class Size
Hot Shots  (30min)4
Transitions to Competition (45 minutes)5
Squad (60 or 90min class)6
FITennis5 per Coach
Private LessonsMax 2

Can parents watch?

Yes, parents are encouraged to watch, however we ask that parents do not enter the court unless requested by the coach.


Invoices are emailed directly to you and are required to be paid after your first lesson.

Is there a joining fee?

No there is not a joining fee but students are encouraged to join the club to increase numbers and help the club thrive.

When should I start?

Our programs are designed to allow students to commence learning from any point within the program. Our focus is to ensure each student is grouped with players of a similar age and skill level.